Notcoin Falls 14% Amidst Confusing "Fresh Start"

Notcoin Falls 14% Amidst Confusing "Fresh Start"

Jul 05 Tech Standard

Clicker game Notcoin's token price dropped 14% today, mirroring a wider crypto market slump. But what's more concerning is the confusion surrounding their "fresh start" plans.

Last week, cryptic messages hinted at a new beginning, possibly with NFT project Lost Dogs. On Wednesday, a social media post introduced a narrative of a dog being born from a Notcoin.

This left fans scratching their heads. "What about Notcoin?" one user asked. "Not interested," another replied, with some investors even calling it dead.

Notcoin's price is down 31% over the week to $0.00999, reflecting a broader market decline with Bitcoin falling 10%, Ethereum 15%, and the GameFi category down 23%.

Alongside the reboot, Notcoin announced an "Explore" platform for discovering new projects through their Telegram app. Players can earn rewards (up to $0.20) for completing campaigns, while developers can reach over 40 million users for a $20,000 investment in Notcoin tokens.

Further announcements included a Telegram Gaming Accelerator with Helika, aimed at supporting developers in the next wave of Telegram mini-apps.

Despite all this, Notcoin remains in the red, ranking as the fourth biggest loser among top 100 crypto tokens this week. Only Pepe, Lido DAO, and Core fared worse.


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