Creators Unite, KORUS and join forces to revolutionize the entertainment industry

Creators Unite, KORUS and join forces to revolutionize the entertainment industry

Mar 22 Tech Standard

Empowering creators, safeguarding ideas, and building a fairer future for entertainment  that's the mission behind the groundbreaking partnership between KORUS, the interactive music platform, and, the decentralized filmmaking ecosystem.

This powerful duo brings together the worlds of music and film, united by blockchain technology. Imagine a space where musicians and filmmakers can collaborate seamlessly, with ownership and fair compensation at the forefront. That's the future KORUS and are building.

Building a Better Entertainment Ecosystem

KORUS, with its focus on music creation and collaboration, perfectly complements's expertise in filmmaking. Together, they're tackling a major hurdle for creators: protecting intellectual property (IP) and ensuring fair pay. Blockchain steps in as the game-changer, providing a secure and transparent way to track ownership and distribute rewards.'s innovative platform takes things a step further. Their "Vault Lock" technology safeguards original ideas, while secure QR codes act as digital receipts, forever etching a creator's contribution on the blockchain. This ensures transparency and empowers artists to take control of their work.

A Future Where Creators Thrive

"This partnership is a game-changer for artists," says Inder Phull, CEO of PIXELYNX, KORUS' parent company. "By combining forces, we're creating a new economic landscape where creators can collaborate and build value together, while ensuring they receive the recognition and compensation they deserve."

The future looks bright for both music and film. The KORUS and collaboration introduces a joint music catalog, powered by KORUS' AI engine. This opens doors for exciting cross-industry collaborations, all while keeping artist ownership at the heart of everything.

Join the Movement

This is more than just a partnership it's a movement towards a more equitable and transparent entertainment industry. Both KORUS and believe in empowering creators and fostering a space where originality and contributions are valued.

This is just the beginning. Visit and to learn more and be a part of the future of entertainment!


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