Elon Musk monetizes X livestreams and adds clips and donations.

Elon Musk monetizes X livestreams and adds clips and donations.

Elon Musk has been pushing creators to utilize X since he acquired it in October 2022, and now he's announcing the addition of typical livestream capabilities (clips, donations, and ad-based revenue). The change is intended to increase X's allure for content creators and video sharing.

Elon Musk disclosed that the team's goal is to lower streaming latency in addition to revealing that they have been attempting to get YouTube-style advertisements to play during videos on X. He said on the most recent stream:

"We're only now beginning to include video advertisements that function similarly to YouTube's, allowing you to fast-forward after five seconds... Additionally, we wish to lower the streaming's latency."

Elon Musk wants to use X to compete with Twitch and other livestreaming services.

Over a million people watched Elon Musk's Diablo 4 streams on X last year, drawing similarities to Twitch and YouTube. The CEO of Tesla is getting ready to take on these platforms by adding new features to X.

Elon Musk announced that X will soon include donation and tipping options akin to those on Twitch and YouTube during a broadcast on January 4. He talked about introducing chats that function like subscriptions, with tiers of members able to access exclusive services for a monthly charge:

"You get to decide how much, but one of the benefits is that you can limit access to the chat room, or specific chat rooms, to subscribers only. Thus, one benefit is that those who subscribe at that time can communicate."

Additionally, he discussed how streamers would receive all ad money, a significant change from websites like Twitch and YouTube that take a cut:

"If you were to post a stream, you would receive all advertising revenue from any advertising that appears in your replies."

MrBeast's criticism of X's insufficient revenue discourages him from publishing on the site, indicating a significant need for change. The network, which aims to rival Twitch and YouTube, has difficulties. With the help of creators like Disguised Toast, Meta's Facebook Gaming has made progress in this cutthroat market. Despite Toast's return to Twitch, other content producers are still searching X for video footage pertaining to games. Veteran YouTuber Dr DisRespect says he would like to work with X on their video game streaming division, even in the face of uncertainty. The platform's future direction is still unclear and will require formal announcements.





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