Japan's Birth Rate Hits New Low, Sparking Urgent Action

Japan's Birth Rate Hits New Low, Sparking Urgent Action

Feb 27 World Standard

Japan's population continues its worrying decline, with the number of newborns reaching a record low in 2023. This marks the eighth consecutive year of falling birth rates, highlighting a critical issue facing the nation.

The data reveals a 5.1% decrease in births compared to 2022, bringing the total to a mere 758,631. Marriage rates also suffered a decline, falling below 500,000 for the first time in 90 years. This trend, coupled with the low out-of-wedlock birth rate in Japan, paints a grim picture of a shrinking population.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Japanese government pledged to take "unprecedented steps" to address the issue. Expanding childcare options and promoting higher wages for young workers are among the proposed measures.

Prime Minister Kishida, deeply concerned about the potential social and economic consequences of a shrinking population, has declared this "the gravest crisis our country faces." He unveiled a series of support programs for families with children late last year, aiming to reverse the declining birth rate.

With an estimated 30% population decline expected by 2070, and a growing elderly population, Japan faces a crucial challenge. The next few years will be critical in determining the success of the government's initiatives in mitigating this demographic crisis.


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