Jerry Pinto, Mumbai's Literary Luminary

Jerry Pinto, Mumbai's Literary Luminary

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Jerry Pinto is an Indian-English writer located in Mumbai who was born in 1966. He is well-known for his journalism, novels, poetry, and short stories. Among his significant works are "Asylum and Other Poems" (2003), "Surviving Women" (2000), and "Helen: The Life and Times of an H-Bomb" (2006), for which he won the 54th National Film Awards' Best Book on Cinema Award. "Em and the Big Hoom," his critically acclaimed debut book, was released in 2012. In 2016, Pinto won the coveted Sahitya Akademi Award for "Em and the Big Hoom" and the distinguished Windham-Campbell Prize for his fiction.


Born into a Goan family, Jerry Pinto was raised in Mahim, Mumbai, as a Roman Catholic. Elphinstone College, University of Mumbai, awarded him a liberal arts degree, and Government Law College, Mumbai, awarded him a law degree.


Multifaceted writer Jerry Pinto, who lives and works in Mumbai, is well known for his wide range of literary works. Pinto writes in a variety of genres and formats, from his critically acclaimed debut novel "Em and the Big Hoom" to award-winning novels like "The Life and Times of an H-Bomb." In addition, he is well-known for his journalism contributions to prestigious magazines and his translations of Marathi literature into English. Pinto's narrative skills and distinct viewpoint never fail to enthrall viewers with every production.


Mumbai-born novelist Jerry Pinto has written children's books, novels, and poetry among other genres. "Surviving Women" (2000), "Helen: The Life and Times of an H-Bomb" (2006), and "Em and the Big Hoom" (2012)—which was awarded the Hindu Literary Prize—are some of his noteworthy titles. In addition, Pinto has contributed to anthologies such as "Confronting Love" (2005) and "Bombay, meri jaan: writings on Mumbai" (2003), which explores subjects like Mumbai. "Murder in Mahim" (2017) and "The Education of Yuri" (2022) are two of his most recent films.



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