Release Date and Specifics of the BGMI New Update 3.0

Release Date and Specifics of the BGMI New Update 3.0

With every significant update, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) adds new features and modes. Previous iterations of BGMI, such as the zombie-themed Zombies Edge mode and the winter-themed Frozen Kingdom mode, proved to be popular. In keeping with this pattern, the most recent big update, 3.0, will include multiple new features along with a new mode.

When is the release date of BGMI New Update 3.0?

ClassifiedYT, a YouTuber, has leaked information indicating that the BGMI 3.0 update is scheduled to launch on January 25, 2024. The upcoming 3.0 update will provide new game modes, such as the Shadow Force mode that is playable on three different maps: Sanhok, Livik, and Erangel. For instance, you can play the Shadow Force mode in three different places: Georgopol, Yasnaya Polyana, and Erangel Prison. Players will immediately respawn in the same spot if they are eliminated in the Shadow Force mode areas.

The latest BGMI 3.0 update includes the following features:

1. Shadow Force mode: accessible on the maps of Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok.

2. Swords like katanas or machetes can be used to block enemy shots.

3. Update on healing (supply can be used by the driver while operating a vehicle).

4. Enhanced bullet penetration means that when shots are fired at an enemy from behind, both of them will take damage.

5. Cloning your character is possible with an in-game item that resembles a grenade that allows players to trick and surprise opponents.

6. Sky Tether Hook: This ability allows players to scale structures and compounds in a manner akin to that of the Spiderman grapple. 

7. Glider ability: Gamers can move quickly between locations by using the glider capability.

8. Character enhancements (movement speed, fall damage, and other aspects have been increased).

9. A new feature on Recall Island.

The Recall island is among the 3.0 update's greatest features. If a player is eliminated during the opening few minutes of the match, they will respawn in the Recall island, where they must go to a certain spot and click a button to do so.

Although the new version's official release date is yet unknown, it is anticipated to be released as soon as the current 2.9 upgrade is finished.




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