Iranian cryptocurrency exchange exposes 230,000 users' KYC data.

Iranian cryptocurrency exchange exposes 230,000 users' KYC data.

Jan 08 Tech Standard

The Iranian cryptocurrency exchange reportedly misconfigured a high-performance object storage system instance, unintentionally allowing access to cloud storage containers holding the platform's Know Your Customer (KYC) data, according to a Cybernews investigation.

The researchers discovered that almost 230,000 Iranian nationals were the victims of a configuration error that exposed their signed consent to laws and private information including credit card numbers, passport numbers, and identification. A representative referred to the allegations as “inaccurate and misleading” in a Cybernews column, stressing that there is no proof of a data breach or illegal access to private user data.

Amini assured customers that their data is safe and secure, however Cybernews advised worried users to contact the platform's support with any questions or concerns. and other Iranian cryptocurrency exchanges, such as, Excoino, and Aban Tether, were responsible for 12% of all funds, foreign and domestic, that went to Iranian exchanges in 2022, as previously reported by Roughly 90.3% of counterparty monies delivered to Iranian exchanges came from external exchanges, 4.9% from smart contracts, and 4% from unhosted wallets, according to the TRM Labs research.


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